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Sunday, 18 February 2018
Volcano Wet or Dry Water Slide with Optional Pool  E-mail
Thursday, 24 March 2011
Volcano waterslide wet/dry

Volcano Slide


Options: Wet (with pool) or Dry (without pool)

********Pricing not the same (read pricing below)******


Sliding on Water Slide
With Pool & w/o Pool
31 FT with Pool/21 FT (w/o Pool)
14 FT
15 FT
295 LBS (with Pool)/255 LBS (w/o Pool)
2 (with pool)/1 (w/o Pool)


Product Dimensions:
  Length: 30'7"
  Width: 13'4" 
  Height: 15'0" 
Weight: 295 Lbs. (180 kg)

The towering Volcano Slide loaded with the latest water slide improvements! Front loading entrance and exit make it easy to squeeze into more locations. The EZ-on, EZ-off pool let's you easily transforms your attraction from wet to dry or dry to wet. The lines and shapes on this unit make it a real work of art! Wave-shaped landing walls and curved pool edge add a real fiery flair! The 52 angle slide leaves the rider screaming...for more! Once at the bottom, relax and splash in the cozy yet spacious landing pool. This isn't just a splash pool, this pool has plenty of space and just the right depth for true enjoyment. The Volcano Slide is available with large pool or extra large (pictured) pool size! This is one handsome ride. The Volcano Slide comes with all the bells and whistles. In addition to the EZ-on, EZ-off detachable pool, it comes equipped with an integrated water hose with an access point at the base plus the advanced water distribution system that keeps the base of the unit water and mildew-free. The Volcano Slide is quick and easy to set up, take down, drain and go. It is made with Ninja's proprietary 15 oz. lightweight and fire resistant vinyl. Safe. Fun. Durable."



***DRY SLIDE RENTAL FEES (No Pool included only padded safety mat):

Backyard Dry Rental Fees: $250 for  5 hours, $275 for 7 hours  overnight for $350, 2 days for $400

Organizations & Business Dry Rental Fees: $300 for 4 hours or less/ $350 for 6 hours

 -overnight for $400, or 2 days for $500

Above rates: included delivery, setup & removal (Dry Usage on DIRT or ROCKS  add $50 to above pricing)


Backyard Wet Rental Fees: $350 for  4 hours, $400 for 6 hours  overnight for $450, 2 days for $600

Organizations & Business Wet Rental Fees: $400 for for 4 hours or less/ $450 for 6 hours -----overnight for $500, or 2 days for $700

Wet Rates: On dirt, rock, sand add $100 to wet slide rental fee above.

CALL 702-349-5765 for reservations or Click On "ORDER FORM" Tab in the blue area at the top of this page. For Email Questions click Click On "CONTACT US" Tab

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