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Sunday, 18 February 2018
Bounce House Rental Las Vegas 13' x 13'  E-mail
Thursday, 27 August 2009

Fun House 13' x 13'   Fun House 13' x 13' Party Supplies Henderson NV

Bounce House Rental Las Vegas NV

The above pictured medium sized bounce house rental is our Fun House 13' x 13' party rental. The maximum capacity of this unit is 800 pounds or six to eight children. The 13' x 13' dimensions refers the area intended for play. There is an entry slide or safety step on the front of approximately three feet and one blower tube on the back left corner that requires about four feet with the inflatable blower attached. The minimum suggested space necessary for safe operation is 15' (side to side) x 20' (front to back). This Bounce house rental has solar screen netting on all four sides; this is specifically designed to offer high visibility and allow air circulation, but minimize the harmful effects of the sun to participants and the inside of the bounce house. This Fun House features a Blue base, Yellow sides and roof, with green pillar baffles (four corners), red sloped roof baffles, and a blue roof peak baffle. There is a rectangular area of velcro visible above the entrance on the front to attach desired art theme hanging banners if desired ($15 extra, see available themes in table at bottom of page).

Toddler Safety

One of the dangerous scenarios that can arise during bounce house play is having small children crawling on the bouncing surface while older children, teenagers or adults are bouncing above them. An accidental slip and a fall could lead to nearly a hundred pounds crashing down on your toddler. That incredible amount of weight could lead to severe injury or may even be fatal for a little one. To keep your toddler safe, we recommend avoid this potential hazard. There are two suggestions we have for doing this:

  1. Rent a bounce house for toddlers only (this can be any bounce house, especially smaller ones, or check out our Toddler Units section for Bounce House rentals designed for your little one)
  2. Plan to limit whom can use the bounce house and when. Give toddlers their own time when the other kids can play and entertain themselves in other ways and allow the other kids time to play when it is time for activities designed to keep the toddlers occupied. Adults should jump only when alone in a bounce house, but the unit itself is durable enough if a child needs you to climb in and get them

     Solar Screen netting 4-sides
     Art Panels
    Optional (extra $15)
     Basketball Hoop         
    Dora the Explorer21.5" x 46.5"
    Strawberry Shortcake24" x 59"
    Cars21.5" x 46.5"
    Bratz21.5" x 46.5"
    Superman21.5" x 46.5"
    Cars (Mater and Mack)21.5" x 46.5"
    Spiderman21.5" x 46.5"
    Disney Princesses on Ice21.5" x 46.5"
    Disney Princesses on Ice21.5" x 46.5"
    Elmo (it's a party)24" x 59"
    Elmo24" x 59"
    Tinkerbell (fairies)24" x 59"
    Tinkerbell24" x 59"
    Elmo (Jumpkids)21.5" x 46.5"
    Superman Returns21.5" x 46.5"
    Winnie the Pooh30.5" x 61"
    Winnie the Pooh30" x 60"
    Curious George30" x 60"
    Curious George30" x 60"
    Dora & Boots21.5" x 46.5"
    Pirates of the Caribbean21.5" x 46.5"
    Pirates ot Carib Dead Man's chest23" x 48"
    Princess Belle21.5" x 46.5"
    Princess Aurora Sleep Beauty21.5" x 46.5"
    Dora the Explorer26" x 59"
    Diego26" x 59"
    Dora, Boots, and Diego30" x 60"
    Dora, Boots, and Diego30" x 60"
    Mickey and Minnie22.5" x 48"
    Spiderman21.5" x 46"
    Spongebob Squarepants21.5" x 46"
    Aladdin21.5" x 46"
    Prince of Egypt21.5" x 46"
    Toy Story59" x 26"
    Ironman59" x 26"
    Bratz70" x 24"
    Thomas the Train59" x 26"
    G.I. Joe59" x 26"
    Batman Arkham59" x 26"


    It is best to select the bounce house and party supplies rentals you desire and then request a quote either by phone or our online order form. There are many factors that determine price: Delivery area (major cross streets), type of location (apartments, HOA community center, business, house), surface of setup (artificial turf, grass, rock, dirt, concrete, etc), date of delivery or party (Sun-Fri, Sat, Holiday, Winter, Summer, etc), difficulty of setup (distance by handcart, small pebbles or loose rocks, stairs, etc). Without specific details of your situation it is impossible to provide even a range that is both concise and informative. Deliveries to a single family home the majority of the time (not including holidays) the price for this bounce house rental ranges from $100-$135. For all others, or a precise quote, please call us at (702) 349-5765 or fill out the order form from your computer.

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