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Friday, 23 February 2018
Dunk Tanks & Pitchburst-- The water balloon burst game  E-mail

Click Image for More information on Traditional Dunk TanksDunk Tank to the Left is now Blue in Color, scroll down to see our Dunk Tank Alternative called Pitchburst below


 With Pitchburst®, seeing definitely is believing! And with each passing year there's more and more to fun see, more ways to play and more laughs and surprises. (Click to jump to the section of your choice). Pitchburst, an amusement water game and fun kids party rental. Pitchburst an Amusment Water Game an Kids Fun Party Rental in Las VegasPitchburst an Amusment Water Game an Kids Fun Party Rental in Las VegasPitchburst an Amusment Water Game an Kids Fun Party Rental in Las Vegas
Pitchburst, an amusement water game and fun kids party rental.
 Pitchburst was invented as a last-minute dunk tank alternative during the drought of 1999 in Bucks County, PA, when local water use restrictions prohibited filling a 500 gallon dunk tank for a Make A Wish fund-raising backyard carnival. The patented game is now in use coast to coast and internationally through rental and party planning companies, special event planners, schools, charities, country clubs and fun loving families.  

Play Pitchburst® and make a "SPLURSH™" -
It's a proven crowd pleaser!

People worldwide love to play Pitchburst® at parties, fund raisers, carnivals, fairs, festivals, corporate events and more. It's safe and simple to play - pitch a ball, hit the target and - splursh! - a water balloon bursts overhead.  Pitchburst combines the soaking fun of a dunk tank with patented, go-anywhere portability. So unique, it's been called "the 21st century dunking booth" for its fun, simple design, versatility and environmental friendliness.

 Pitchburst an Amusment Water Game and Kids Fun Party Rental in Las Vegas

"Pitchburst is always the most popular game at every event we do. We can always expect this game to be a big hit!" - Rick Hilton, Hilton Family Entertainment,

Duncansville PA "Unlike traditional dunk tanks, the line to sit in the wet seat is as long as the throw line... From children to grandparents, nobody is left out

when this game is set up at an event!" -- David Spata, Fun Ones Moon Jump, Lombard IL  WWW.THEFUNONES.COM

"(Pitchburst is) excellent for rental to nightclubs and corporate events - also family fun days" - Roy Barlow, The Entertainment Biz, Christchurch, England

*Pitchburst has been featured on ABC-TV's "Wife Swap", ESPN's "Cold Pizza" sports show and Canadian Broadcasting's "The X" show.

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  • Unique, new and always fun for: parties, fundraisers, corporate and community events, carnivals, camps, promotions and more.  Easy play for families, young kids,
  •  preteens and teens, adults of any age!  
  • Simplest low-risk water game you can find for special events - the water falls, people don't, so there are no size, age or physical restrictions.
  • Not just water -- you can play with confetti in the balloons... or "slime"... or flour... or any fun "fillings" -- see "10 Great Ways to Play Pitchburst" (below)
  • As much fun to watch as it is to play - they'll line up by the hundreds to try and splursh a VIP; non-playing kids even line up to sit and get splurshed!
  • Goes anywhere - even plays well indoors when it's cold outside (see "10 Great Ways to Play"). Minimum space needed is only about 10' by 10'.
  • Easily fits a minivan, SUV and most sedans; easy to set up in just 5 minutes
  • Low water use -- delivers an entertaining splursh! with as little as a quart of water, and a total soaking with just a gallon in an 11-inch balloon
  • Unlike traditional dunk tanks, there's no need for trailers, electric or plumbing hookups, or 500-gallon water dunk tank fill-ups
  • Profitable to own or rent - fast payback
  • Built to last - powder coated steel and aluminum frames, durable game panels
  • "Pitchburst Game Faces" are interchangeable banners for kids birthday parties and baseball themes -- see them in the catalog.
  • Click to see Pitchburst In Action!



The Pitchburst Advantage:

  Pitchburst Dunk Tanks
Normal Set Up Time: Less than 10 minutes 2 hours or more
Amount of Water Used: 1 Gallon or 100, you decide on the amount of fun 400 - 500 gallons of very cold water!
Supervision: None needed when Not in Use Required at all times due to water dangers, just like pools.
Age: From 2 to 102!
Pitchburst can be used by everyone!
Teens or Adults
Only because of the Deep Dunk tank
Cleanliness: Fresh water every time! Same Water dunk after dunk, person after person

Pitchburst is the Dunk Tank alternative!  At about half the cost of a Dunk Tank, Pitchburst provides a cleaner and safer water game that can be used by all!




1. CLASSIC - Use full 11" or 12" water balloons. Pitch the ball, hit the target and SPLURSH! Extra fun for fund raisers when you charge $1 to $5 for 3 throws. Sometimes

kids will line up and pay just to sit in the chair to be the one splurshed!

2. LITE - Fill 11" balloons with 1 quart (or less) of water, inflate the rest with air. Same fun action, less water used (good when it's chilly out, or you're indoors with a kiddie pool to catch the Splursh water).

3. SPLURSH OFF! - Use TWO Pitchburst games facing one another. Each contestant is both pitcher and Splurshee… each takes turn pitching while the other sits. First to SPLURSH the other wins! Get 2 popular VIPs to play for charity and crowd will cheer! (Can be played on one game too, but that requires more running around.)

4. CONFETTI - Use confetti instead of water in balloons (make your own with a funnel, or buy hand-filled confetti balloons from us). Great for indoors, or when your VIP good sport really doesn't want to get wet! Also adds a great popping sound!

5. SLIME! (OR APPLESAUCE OR PUDDING)- Kids have seen it on TV, so make it happen for wild and crazy events. Insert food-colored applesauce or pudding through a funnel (fill about 1/2 full) and inflate the rest with air. Be prepared to clean up, though.

6. FLOUR- In a POP! your splurshee looks like a powdered donut! Funnel in simple white flour (about 1/2 cup does fine), and fill the rest with air. Nice variety especially for indoor fun.

7. MYSTERY SPLURSH!- Unique combo game first used in London: Fill 4 opaque, numbered balloons: one each with water, flour, pudding, confetti. Let your Splurshee choose which number balloon they want to sit under - nobody knows what they'll get hit with until the target's hit. Great crowd excitement builder!

8. FUNNELED FUEL-This one's unique for the pub or spring break crowd. Fill balloons with your favorite beverage (from tap makes it easiest). Splurshee sits in chair below the balloon, holding wide funnel in their mouth. When target's hit and balloon bursts, Splurshee gets a funnel full to drink. (Caution: see special note below.)

9. PIN THE SPLURSH ON THE SPLURSHEE- A tame but fun game for little tikes. With someone ready to be splurshed (we recommend just a little water as in #2 above), the "pitcher" is blindfolded and given a Jugglebeanball. Instead of throwing, they're turned around 3 times and told to push the ball into the red target.

10 . WHEELCHAIR-Finally, a dunking game for fun loving people with disabilities. Pitchburst can be played in wheelchairs, by both the pitcher and the splurshee!

Please Note: Operator is responsible for user safety playing Pitchburst. Please dispose of broken balloons immediately, and keep all balloons away from small children. Playing Pitchburst games, including those listed above, should be supervised by competent and responsible adults to avoid dangerous conditions and behaviors.


Time Magazine (October 13, 2003) reported that "The Work front has become a grind.  Yet some firms believe that serious business is done better with a laugh now and then".    What better way to generate a profit- or morale-boosting laugh than with Pitchburst.   Several world-famous candy, sneaker, pharmaceutical, computer and financial companies have already discovered the thrill of "splurshing" the boss or co-workers for fun at team-building, family, charity/community service and fundraising events.  One Chicago company raised $7000 in one day using 2 Pitchburst games (see Splursh Off! game #3 above) charging $5, 10, even $20 to pitch and try to "splursh" the senior managers. 

Pitchburst is also a distinctive fun promotional tool for brands too.  Please call to ask about special branding and themed options for large promotions.


  • Smart design - sets up in 5 minutes, and easily disassembles to fit in the back of a station wagon or minivan. Front stabilizers improve the game's "footing", even on grass and dirt.

     Pitchburst an Amusment Water Game an Kids Fun Party Rental

  • Built to last - Steel and aluminum construction.  Main game panels are good looking, durable Lusterboard aluminum faced plywood.  Sturdy, custom-designed steel-wire Burstbasket™ holds balloons in place to ensure every-time bursting for maximum fun. Reachable 7' basket height enables easy replacement of water balloons without a ladder or stepstool.

    Pitchburst an Amusment Water Game an Kids Fun Party Rental in Las VegasSplurshbasket™

  • AccuBurst™ 3-dimensional target for better appearance and more challenging play. (Yet it's easily removable for simpler children's parties.)

     Accuburst™ Target

  • Plays with unique Jugglebeanballs™ -- soft, safe, no bounce back!


  • Custom made carry/storage bag set - keeps game components and supplies easily and conveniently. (Sold separately from games - see Catalog).

Pitchburst prices are

To ORDER TODAY or for more information, call Jump N Kids at 702-349-5765.

  • Call 702-349-5765 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Components included:
  • Game board
  • Basket (Splurshbasket™)
  • Target (AccuBurst™)
  • 3 Jugglebeanballs™
  • 30 multicolor 11 or 12 inch balloons
  • Setup, operating and safety instructions
  • Assembled: 80" high x 82" wide x 40" deep
  • Disassembled: Main 2 panels and base structure approx. 41" high x 40"" wide x 1" deep; basket, target and diagonal arm disconnect and are stored separately.
  • Playing area required: Minimum 10' x 10'
  • Assembled: 85 pounds
  • Total weight Approx. 100 pounds
  • Minimal- occasional surface cleaning; oiling
"Pitchburst was the hit of the carnival... terrific fun, and it paid for itself in one day!"  




Backyard Rental Fees: $150 for  4 hours (100 Balloons included) ---Some areas of town $25 more and holdays are $50 more.

Organizations & Business Rental Fees:

$200 for 4 hours or less (100 Balloons included)--$50 more on 4th of July

$225 for 4 to 6 hours (100 Balloons Included)--$50 more on 4th July

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