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Sunday, 18 February 2018
Modular Jump House 15' x 15'  E-mail
Friday, 07 November 2014
Modular Jump House 15' x 15'

This bounce house is considered to be large 15' x 15'. We commonly ask customers that request a 15' x 15', "Do you have enough space?" Not all backyards in the Las Vegas Valley are big enough for something of this size. First, what does 15' x 15' mean? Well generally when a bounce house manufacturer sells a bounce house as a 15' x 15' it is actually referring to jumping area. Therefore, to have enough space, you actually need more than just a 15 foot by 15 foot area. This unit for example actually measures in at (according to the manufacturer): 16'4" l x 15'4" w x 13' h. Now to get things



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