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Friday, 23 February 2018
Mini Slide combo  E-mail
Mini Slide combo 13' x 21' x 13' -- Intended for toddlers

This bounce house and slide combo is a great option for toddlers. The slide is both low and long, creating a moderate or gradual slope. It is also just a slight step up from the jumping area so there is not a lot of climbing or better yet no falling, when trying to reach the top of the slide. However, do not let the name fool you. This Mini combo is rather big: there is a 13' x 13' jumping area, the slide is an additional 7' coming off the side, the safety step or entry slide (as some people like to call it) is another 3' added on the front, and the back requires another 2-3' for the inflatable blower and tube. The measurements are 13' x 21' x 13' but we recommend at least 19' x 26'. The highest points are the spire baffles, need about 14' vertical clearance to avoid branches and power lines, but above the slide itself you can get away with 10' or a little less of vertical clearance.

This bounce and slide combo jumper can be used by children as old as 10 years, it does have a 700 lbs. max capacity. One of the reasons we recommend it for toddlers is the small slide may not be entertaining enough for older kids and we do not want to have the older kids finding creative and more dangerous ways of using the slide to make it fun for their age.

Keep smaller children safe

This bounce house with slide is intended for children 7 and under and is recommended as an add on (space permitting) to separate the young and small kids from the older, bigger kids. One of the most dangerous situations in dealing with bounce houses is having a small child crawling around in a jumper with teens or preteens (or even the adults) weighing in at over 100 lbs. jumping around. That is a crushing amount of weight, were anyone to slip and fall on the little one. If you choose to go with one bounce house at your party, at the very least separate the kids and allow certain times for small kids to play and when you have activities to keep the little ones occupied allow that to be the time for the bigger kids to jump and play. If you are interested in other alternatives for a second bounce house to separate the kids, check out our Toddler units section.

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We recommend picking out the item or items that fit your needs and then calling for situation specific pricing. Price depends on location of delivery (major cross streets), location type (home, apartments, HOA parks, businesses, etc), type of surface setup on (grass, dirt, rock, concrete, artificial turf, etc), date of delivery (Saturdays, Holidays, weekdays, etc), and also difficulty of setup (stairs to traverse, must be carted up a steep incline of small pebbles, must cart long distances inaccessible to vehicles, etc). It is impossible to give a realistic range of prices and still remaining fairly concise. For Residential, Single family residences only: most of the time (Holidays not included), we deliver this Mini Slide combo for $135-$165. For commercial and all others call for a quote (702) 349-5765 or using a desktop computer fill out the order form.

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