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Friday, 23 February 2018
Mini Jumper with Ball Pond  E-mail
Mini Jump with Ball Pit
Toddler Bounce with Ball Pond
Want a ball pond inside your toddler jumper rental?
Toddler Jump Ball Pit Schematics
Schematics for Toddler Jump with Ball Pond
ACTIVITES: INCLUDED Jumping YES Art Panels Optional (extra $15) Basketball Hoop NO DIMENSIONS MEASUREMENT Length 15FT Width 15FT Height 14FT Weight 190LBS Pieces 1 PRICING: Best practice for a quote is to browse our website and decide which party rentals best suite your event and then either fill out our order form or give us a call. There are many factors that go into the price: delivery area (major cross streets, how far away it is), type of location (business, public event, apartment complex, HOA community center or property, single family home), surface of setup (grass, artificial turf, concrete, pavers, dirt, sand, etc), date of delivery (Holiday, Sun-Fri, Saturday, Winter, Summer), and difficulty of setup (stairs, long distance by handcart, steep hill, etc). It is not realistic to provide a price or range of prices that is both accurate for all situations and still remain informative and concise. For residential, single family homes only: the vast majority of the time (Holidays and other special circumstances excluded), we deliver this Toddler Jump with Ball Pond rental for $150 normally. For commercial and all others (or a precise quote), call for a quote at (702) 349-5765 or fill out the order form online from your computer and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
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