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Thursday, 18 January 2018
Cleaning and Fixing Inflatables  E-mail
Thursday, 21 March 2013
Tips to Extend the Life of Your Inflatable From bounce houses to combos and inflatable slides, your equipment is a critical investment for your business. Keeping your inventory in tip-top shape will not only win you new and repeat business, but also save you money in future repairs and replacement equipment. The first key to extending the life of your commercial grade inflatable is to only buy high quality products from a reputable manufacturer. Many Chinese manufacturers sell inexpensive knock-off Inflatables. More often than not this equipment is poorly manufactured and will not stand the test of time, costing you more in the long run. A quality commercial grade vinyl, 15 to 18 oz, is a critical component to an extended inflatable life span. The inflatable's stitching should be reinforced and double to quadruple stitched, to prevent everyday wear and tear on the seams. Less reinforcement and single stitching can lead to irreparable damage over a much shorter period of time. Once you have purchased a quality commercial grade inflatable from a reputable manufacturer, you can ensure that your product stays in peak condition for many years to come with some simple upkeep. Inflatables can easily become a breeding ground for germs, bacteria and even mold if they are not cleaned adequately. After every use remove all debris and trash, and sweep out the product while inflated. Then clean and sanitize the inflatable with a product designed for gymnastics and wrestling mats, like Matt-Kleen. These simple steps will keep your inflatable fresh and clean for years to come. It is also critical to never put away or fold your inflatable while still moist. The right storage area is another important aspect to expanding the longevity of your inflatable. The storage area you select should always be dry, and regulated for humidity. Ensure that the area is rodent-free, as mice and other small animals can quickly damage your inflatable beyond repair. If possible, a temperature controlled environment would be ideal. Extreme heat can cause the inflatable to hold moisture, leading to the problem of bacteria. On the other hand, prolonged exposure to excessive cold can lead to brittleness and cracking in the material. If, and when, your inflatable does begin to show signs of wear and tear you can extend the product's life by proactively repairing any damage in a timely manner. Using equipment that you know is showing signs of damage will only exacerbate the existing problem. Instead repairing the equipment right away will keep the damage to a minimum, allowing for a more effective repair. Tears in the seams can be repaired using a strong, industrial thread. Smaller areas can be patched with the same material as the inflatable is manufactured from. Many manufacturers will sell patch kits for this type of repair, ensuring it will match the inflatable. Taking some initiative in cleaning and maintaining your inflatable, while also being vigilant and proactive with any necessary repairs will keep even the most frequently used products looking good for years to come.


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