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Sunday, 18 February 2018
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Thursday, 21 March 2013

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Bounce House with Slide Las Vegas NV

These are all our units that have both a bounce house area and a slide, but some of these units also have other activities. If you want both a bounce house and a slide, it will be one of the above pictured inflatable jumper rentals. Bounce houses with a slide can have several different monikers (including: Jump and Slide combo, Slide Combo units, Bounce House with Slide, etc. It is worth explaining, however, that sliding is often considered an activity in a bounce house. Here are some common activities available in bounce houses:

  • Bouncing (Jumping)
  • Sliding
  • Climbing (Staircase leading to a Slide)
  • Basketball Hoop
  • Obstacles (Vertical)
  • Crawling (Tunneling)
  • Ball Pit/Pond
  • Ducking (under Horizontal Obstacles)
  • Hopping/Vaulting (over Horizontal Floor Obstacles)

Now that we know bounce houses can have more than one activity, let me explain that those bounce houses that have more than just bouncing (or more than one activity) may be called combinations or combos for short, however, not all combinations have a slide (for instance we have a toddler bounce house, the Mini Jump and Ball Pond Combo, it has no slide). Another method that is used to summarize how many activities a combo has is done in naming derived from activities in a bounce house this is done as (#) in 1 combo for short; that is the number of activities combined in a single unit. The higher the first number, the more activities it has inside it. For instance our 5 in 1 (21' x 17') Combo has 5 activities combined in a single inflatable bounce house (bouncing, climbing, sliding, obstacles (vertical), and basketball hoop). This can be helpful, to let you know how many activities a bounce house has, but it does very little to explain what those activities are; often vertical obstacles and horizontal obstacles are considered different activities, an obstacle situated on the floor could be another activity, and tunnels are sometimes considered another activity, therefore one could theoretically make a 5 in 1 combo out of just a bounce house with a bunch of obstacles of different styles, no slide, no staircase, and no basketball hoop. We are not aware of anyone in the industry that does this and would hope it would not be received well it is in our opinion deceptive. We do not refer to our bounce houses with a basketball hoop as 2 in 1 combos, but merely a bounce house with a basketball hoop. A 2 in 1 combo is a bounce house and a short slide (no staircase). However, after that it can get confusing a 2 in 1 add a basketball hoop can be referred to as a 3 in 1, but a bounce house with a tall slide (has a staircase) is also a 3 in 1 combo. This goes for 4 in 1 also, it could be bounce house with a tall slide and a ball hoop or a bounce house, small slide, ball hoop, and obstacles, etc, etc. The best thing to ask, if someone wants to sell you on their 7 in 1 combo, 6 in 1 combo, or 5 in 1 combo, is what activities will I be getting? The differences between a 4 and 1 to 7 and 1 are likely negligible, but the difference in a 3 in 1 and 5 in 1 or up is often a gigantic leap. Another good question is how much space is there for each activity, for bouncing and basketball you want to have a good amount of space, for tunnels and obstacles (especially vertical obstacles) tight spaces make for more fun.

How do I know if I have enough space?

In the example above when we were talking about the 5 in 1 (21' x 17') Combo, you may have been asking yourself, "What it this (21' x 17')?", well that is simply the dimensions of the unit, we provide them as a convenience for customers to measure their space and see if a bounce house they want will fit where they hope to put it. However, even that may be a little confusing, because the measurements are often derived from the manufacturers and they often measure only the space meant for play. Optional safety steps, or entry slides as sometimes referred, as well as space necessary for the inflatable blower and blower tube are omitted from the bounce houses dimensions, this can be very problematic because one of these usually takes up 3' on the front and the other takes up about the same space on the back or typically the opposite side of the bounce house. Just using the example provided if you were expecting to need 21 feet from front to back and instead 27 feet was necessary, you could easily not have enough space. We try to provide both the manufacturer dimensions AND the suggested minimum space. If you only see the dimensions, you can add 6 feet to the front-back and 2 to 4 feet to the side-side. Also feel free to call and ask for suggested space. The customer is responsible for measuring their space; if you do not feel comfortable doing so and no one you know is willing to help, please do not guess. We can measure the property for a $35 service charge; after measuring, we can tell you what bounce houses we have that will fit. This is only if you call several days before the party and have availability to meet our representative and show them the property. Depending on how far we must travel to measure a property, we may discount a bounce house once it is reserved to reflect that something has already been paid in. The consequences of not measuring: if we have reserved a bounce house order with a slide for one customer, chances are high we turned another potential customer, wanting that same unit on that same day, away because it was already reserved! If we arrive to set up a unit and the necessary space is not available, then it can be bad for everyone. First, we understand how it can be disappointing to not get what you want or what you were expecting, we do not want to see you get disappointed. Second, it is very unlikely we will be able to rent that bounce house to anyone else on the day of. Even if we kept contact information we had on other inquiries, they have long settled for a substitute bounce house rental. The likelihood that another customer calls on the same day AND we have the time to fit it in our schedule is slim to none. Merely as a convenience to anyone that might find themselves reserving a bounce house from us that will not fit: we try to carry a single backup or emergency bounce house on the truck, this is often a small or medium unit based on stock that was not rented. This is not to entice anyone not to measure, but just to illustrate that we will take steps to help soften the disappointment of not having a bounce house fit, please do the same for us and take steps to confirm that you have reserved something you have the space to accommodate. If there is any doubt, put the tape measure to the ground. Thank you!

Why do Bounce and Slide Combos cost more to rent?

To us, this seems very straightforward, but it is something that customers bring up again and again. So if you have found that you are wondering, we can tell you that you are not alone. If we setup a small bounce house, it is a fairly easy job and one person can handle it the majority of the time. Sometimes when delivering or picking up a small bounce house, we only send one person to help reduce our labor costs, if it costs us less, we have the flexibility of kicking it back to our customers in the form of lower prices. Similarly, however much less of an impact is, Bounce and Slide Combo units are often bigger and have more surface area, therefore it takes more time to keep them clean and they require more chemicals be used to clean; this equates to more labor costs and greater costs of supplies. Larger units, extra activities that all equates to more vinyl, the more vinyl in a bounce house, the heavier it is. The heavier a bounce house is, the more it costs to haul it around, set it up, and take it down. The more it weighs, the more it costs in terms of fuel to haul around town. The more it weighs also means employees have to work harder to get it from point A (the truck/warehouse) to point B (your property) and vice versa; working harder equates to taking a little longer. Not only does more vinyl mean more weight, but it also means the bounce house has a greater mass (it rolls up larger than a small unit), this also leads to more work, harder work, and greater labor costs. Combo units cost more to buy, we are talking about from the manufacturers, but also they have a higher resell value. Where it might cost as little as $500 for a small bounce house, it would be unlikely to find a combo for less than 2 or 3k. Additionally, we carry a large variety of small, medium, and large bounce houses that we hardly ever can say, we rented every one of them out in a single day (supply is greater than demand), however, we regularly rent out all our bounce and slide combo units (supply is less than demand). Lastly from a value standpoint, combos offer considerably more value! Just bouncing is nice, but bouncing and a slide that is ten times better. In conclusion, Bounce and Slide Combos cost more to rent than basic bounce houses (jumping only) because the cost of acquisition is greater, the associated expenses are greater, they require more work to handle, they are more difficult to work with, there are fewer (supply), and they are more desirable (demand).

Can I get a Bounce House and Water Slide Combo?

Yes, these units exist and they are out there for purchase or rental; however, we choose not to carry them in our inventory and here is why: children's safety! We understand your child's safety is your own choice and if you decide that the fun of having both is worth the risk, then keep searching we wish you luck on finding what you want and we sincerely hope your event is without incident. Now for those that are wondering 'what makes a bounce and water slide combo so dangerous?', then allow us to explain. Typically when a surface becomes wet, it also becomes more slippery. Not only is this true for vinyl, the material commercial grade bounce house rentals are made from, but vinyl becomes even more slippery than most common surfaces when it becomes wet. Our delivery representatives can tell you, when a vinyl tarp becomes wet it can become difficult to even walk on with slip-resistant shoes. If it is so difficult to walk on, then one can understand how it would be even more difficult to bounce on and maintain steady feet beneath a participants' body. This could lead to sprained and twisted ankles or other muscles may get pulled or strained as the body will attempt to compensate. Not only does this apply to the bouncing surface, but staircases or ladders can become slippery too; these often lead up to the slide and are likely to receive back washing water, splash residue, or wet body transfer. If a staircase or ladder becomes slippery it could lead to a backward fall, hopefully this only results in a bounce on the inflatable surface; however, depending on the position of the head and neck during landing this could result in a head or neck injury or the possibility of landing on another bouncing participant could lead to a multitude of injuries for either or both involved. Additionally, bumped heads and bruises will become more likely when play is done on a slippery wet surface. The truth is no activity is 100% risk free, bounce house participation is no exception. Safely operating a bounce house rental involves maintaining a certain level of control over the situation, this is why an adult or parent must always be there to supervise and offer guidance to children that may not realize adrenaline alters how we feel and may make those risky behaviors seem like more fun. If anyone were to sustain an injury that faux fun would evaporate immediately. A wet and slippery surface is the same way, it may seem more fun, but it takes away a lot of control from both the bouncing participants and from the supervising adults. Make safety a priority and keep lasting fun as the result. Please operate all bounce house rentals safely. Always maintain control to keep participants safe.

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