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Thursday, 22 February 2018
Big Slide Combo 13' x 27' x 15'  E-mail
Tuesday, 09 October 2012
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Big Slide Bounce House Combo Rental Las Vegas NV

The above pictured Bounce House with Slide Rental is a large combination unit. This Big Slide Combo has a maximum capacity of 900 pounds or 10 children and it could accommodate up to 3 teens or 1-2 adults. This party rental can be considered a 3 in 1 Combo. There is a 3-step staircase or ladder that brings participants up to the slide platform approximately 8 feet above the ground. The slide is approximately 14 feet long including the slide platform at the top and the landing platform (approximately 1 foot off the ground) and bumper at the bottom of the slide. This is the biggest, steepest slide we have that is attached to a bounce house. Minimum suggested space for this Big Slide Combo is 29 feet side to side and 18 feet front to back. It has an entry step on the front and two blower tube locations on the opposite side of that entry step (we will attach the inflatable blower to the tube that is the most convenient for your setup location and situation); this bounce house with slide rental also has 4 spire baffles that are approximately 15 feet tall. There is no roof on this bounce house. When looking at the front of this bounce house, the Slide comes off the Left side of the bouncing area and slides down Right to Left (L<---R|^|). The only way to alter the slide to make the slide go down from Left to Right (|^|L-->R) is to turn the inflatable around and therefore alter the location of the entry point. Why does this matter? Well it might not, but if you have your heart set on the slide coming down in a certain direction and the entry point facing the house, this might not be the right unit for you. Also, there are some instances that space is so tight that the bounce house and slide only has vertical clearance going in one direction or because of landscaping that impedes on your open space, we have to situate the slide in a way that it avoids the item (if it is immovable). It is not always ideal to have the entrance face away from the house, but we have run into instances where that is how it was setup. See the list of themes below if you would like to add a hanging banner to the area above the entry step or in some instances the long banners hang on the 6 black pieces of velcro noticeable in the pictures above on the yellow part of the slide just to the left of the entrance.

 Art Panels
Optional (extra $15)
 Basketball Hoop         
Dora the Explorer21.5" x 46.5"
Strawberry Shortcake24" x 59"
Cars21.5" x 46.5"
Bratz21.5" x 46.5"
Superman21.5" x 46.5"
Cars (Mater and Mack)21.5" x 46.5"
Spiderman21.5" x 46.5"
Disney Princesses on Ice21.5" x 46.5"
Disney Princesses on Ice21.5" x 46.5"
Elmo (it's a party)24" x 59"
Elmo24" x 59"
Tinkerbell (fairies)24" x 59"
Tinkerbell24" x 59"
Elmo (Jumpkids)21.5" x 46.5"
Superman Returns21.5" x 46.5"
Winnie the Pooh30.5" x 61"
Winnie the Pooh30" x 60"
Curious George30" x 60"
Curious George30" x 60"
Dora & Boots21.5" x 46.5"
Pirates of the Caribbean21.5" x 46.5"
Pirates ot Carib Dead Man's chest23" x 48"
Princess Belle21.5" x 46.5"
Princess Aurora Sleep Beauty21.5" x 46.5"
Dora the Explorer26" x 59"
Diego26" x 59"
Dora, Boots, and Diego30" x 60"
Dora, Boots, and Diego30" x 60"
Mickey and Minnie22.5" x 48"
Spiderman21.5" x 46"
Spongebob Squarepants21.5" x 46"
Aladdin21.5" x 46"
Prince of Egypt21.5" x 46"
Toy Story59" x 26"
Ironman59" x 26"
Bratz70" x 24"
Thomas the Train59" x 26"
G.I. Joe59" x 26"
Batman Arkham59" x 26"

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